About Silicon Link

Silicon Link was founded in 2003 when it acquired Astec Semiconductor Division including exclusive rights to Intellectual Property, machinery and personnel.

Silicon Link is a semiconductor manufacturer of power management integrated circuits and discretes. Silicon link manufacturers with high quality, innovative and costs effective products by offering creative analog and mixed signal solutions when and where they are needed, Silicon Link's products are of highest quality, delivered on time and competitively priced.

From then on, Silicon Link diversified into a leading design resource, test and supplier of power management semiconductors.

What we do

Products and Specification

Precision Adjustable Shunt Reference
1.24V Shunt Reference Amplifier
Current Mode Controller
DC/DC Converter Control Circuits
Step Down Voltage Regulators
Micropower Voltage Regulators
Dual Operational Amplifier
High Performance Power Factor Corrector
Positive Voltage Regulator
1A Low Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator
Sensitive Gate Silicon Controlled Rectifier

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Walter Alegarme - walter.alegarme@silicon-link.com.ph
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